Capital investments

Pomeranus Seed Capital

POMERANUS SEED PROJECT is implemented by Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation within the framework of Operational Programme 'Innovative Economy'  for the period of 2007 to 2013, Measure 3.1. – Capital for Innovation.

The Goal of the POMERANUS SEED PROJECT is to increase the number of new businesses based on innovative ideas, technologies or business models in north-western Poland. Project Promoters who are going to establish a new commercial partnership, based on the Innovative Project, operating in the area of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) or bio- and nanotechnology of materials and products can apply for assistance within the framework of the Project.

The Project is addressed to enterprising scientists who want to commercialise results of scientific research, companies with innovative ideas, wanting to develop in new directions by establishing new business undertakings and creative and ambitious individuals and teams who have an innovative idea and/or unique knowledge

The Project covers six Provinces with its operations: West Pomerania, Pomerania, Kujawsko-pomorskie, Wielkopolskie, Lower Silesia, Lubuskie.

For more information contact us:
email: biuro(at)
tel.+48 91 312 92 48

Amber Business Angel Network

Amber Business Angel Network connects early stage companies looking for finance with investors seeking investment opportunities in North West Poland. 

Our operations cover six Polish regions: zachodniopomorskie, pomorskie, kujawsko-pomorskie, wielkopolskie, lubuskie i dolnośląskie.

Our network provides services that prepare both companies and investors to effective presentations, negotiations and result in investment agreements.

We actively search for innovative companies and support them in reaching investment readiness by providing consultancy and training services. We facilitate regular presentation meetings to attract investors. By contacting with investors we offer access to equity based capital, management experience and business contacts.

Our investors gain access to well selected and investment ready proposals and have opportunity to share experiences with other.

For more information contact us:
email info(at)
tel. +48 91 312 92 18      

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