Training and advisory services

Training and Advisory Programme forms an integral part of the financial assistance provided by the Foundation. It is addressed to entrepreneurs who seek assistance in the general corporate management area i.e. business planning, financial planning, human resource management, marketing, and the European Union assistance programmes.

Who can benefit from the assistance offered by the Foundation?

  • Micro-, small and medium enterprises employing up to 250 people with a special emphasis placed on companies employing up to 50 people i.e. the so-called micro- and small entrepreneurs
  • Micro-, small and medium enterprises operating in all the industries except for agriculture, armaments industry and any environmentally-hazardous industries
  • Micro-, small and medium enterprises with at least 3-month history of operation

Other enterprise assessment criteria:

  • Good knowledge of own industry and customers' needs
  • Sound strategy coupled with shortage of capital to implement it
  • Accurately defined purpose of the financial assistance offered by the Foundation
  • Cash flow projections including acceptable sources of repayment
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